This is a list of events and tournaments in and "around" Luxembourg for the year 2022.

May 2022

  • 9th of May: First Disc-Overy at Parc "Klosegrënnchen".
  • 14th-15th of May: Belgian Championship 2022. PDGA C-Tier. Domaine d'Ahinvaux, Belgium. 
  • 21th-22th of May: Open de Liévin. FFFD National tour. PDGA B-Tier. Liévin, France. 
  • 26th of May: COSL Spillfest together with Luxembourg Field Sports Federation (Atelier 29). Find more information here.
  • 28th-29th of May: 7. Rizzi Open. PDGA C-Tier. Pirmasens, Germany. 

June 2022

  • 4th of June: Family day in Dudelange, Luxembourg. Find more information here.
  • 11th of June: Nuit du Sport. Esch-sur-Alzette. Find more information here.
  • 12th of June: Belgian NT 3. PDGA C-Tier. Malines, Belgium. 

July 2022

  • 9th of July. Trilogy Challenge Luxembourg. Parc um Belval, Luxembourg. 
  • 15th-17th of July. European Amateur Open 2022. PDGA B-Tier. Nokia, Finland. 
  • 21th-24th of July. European Open 2022. PDGA Pro Major. Nokia, Finland.

September 2022

  • 11th of September: Belgian NT 4. PDGA C-Tier. Braine l'Alleud, Belgium. 
  • 23th-25th of September: Belgian Open. PDGA Pro A-Tier, part of the Eurotour.  Braine l'Alleud, Belgium.

October 2022

  • 1st of October : Minett Open 2022. PDGA C-Tier. Parc Um Belval, Luxembourg. 
  • 8th-9th of October: X Campeonato de España. PDGA C-Tier. Sestao-Portugalete, Vizcaya, Spain.
  • 9th of October: 3. Homburger Disc Golf Open. Homburg, Germany. 
  • 16th of October: Belgian NT 5. PDGA C-Tier. Domaine d'Ahinvaux, Belgium. 
  • 22nd of October: The second Disc-Overy at Parc "Klosegrënnchen". Find more information here.
  • 30th of October: Belgian NT 6. PDGA C-Tier. Parc d'Amée Jambes, Belgium. Information about the inscription is found in the players book.